Solomon Nzere

Telling Stories For Companies That Care

About Me

Hi, I’m Solomon. A lawyer who found writing as an escape and has never looked back. My day job is working in a communications team at a startup.

Every other time is spent working for several small businesses and organizations.

I like to think that a summary of my skill is “storytelling”. It covers the bulk of what I do. From preparing a sponsorship deck for a client looking to create customer experiences to defining the culture and people of a startup by interviewing the team and creating their web content.

Brands I have worked on include Sterling Bank, Dettol, Globacom, Axxela, Diageo and PZ. You can find more of my projects here.

What I Do

Doing what needs to be done honestly. My deliverables change with every client. But the goal is the same, help them sound human, connect to audiences and tell stories. 

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