Doing what needs to be done honestly. My deliverables change with every client. But the goal is the same, help them sound human, connect to audiences and tell stories. Here are a couple of projects I can publicly speak about. ( Yes I moonlight as a secret agent too)

Website Content

One of my favourite projects. The company wanted to move from a website filled with technical language to one that told its story of expertise, design and sustainability in simpler terms. Shoutout to Tactica the agency in charge of the execution.

This was a challenging project to create an identity for a company that houses other brands with more in the works.
I helped carefully craft Tarihaan’s mission of supporting growth in key sectors of the economy through the provision of funding and business advisory. The great people at SC Brand led the project execution.
FOA Solicitors was looking to build a digital footprint with the launch of their website. We visited the firm to understand their story and interview members of the team. Also a Tactica project.


Kippa Start- Business Registration Ads

Zola - Absolute Power is Coming

Diageo- Join the Pact Campaign

Urban Food Fest- Great Food will

Sterling Bank

UFF- Music for Hungry Hearts

Association of Local Distributors of Gas

Pitch Client


A campaign to tease the resumption of food festivals across universities after a closure imposed by Covid-19.


NFF x Dettol 

Campaign to tease and launch the partnership between Dettol and the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF). 

Protect Your Game Sustenance Ads.

Adverts for the sustenance of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and Dettol partnership. Features Super Eagles stars promoting the brand.

Super Eagles AD 

Match promotion AD  1 

Match promotion AD 2 



One of the winning entries for The Punocracy Prize for Satire. I think Satire is a delicate craft and I am constantly exploring it.

Interviewed a remarkable social entrepreneur who kept children in schools during a raging pandemic for Hopefield Network.

Company Blog from the CEO’s point of view to announce LifeBank’s presence in Ethiopia 

My introduction to amazing highlife by the Cavemen. Published by Txt Mag

My Medium is where the rest of the good stuff is hidden

Where I’m Going

I am looking forward to leading the Storytelling/ Communications team of a startup that is crazy about telling user stories & bridging the gap between the front office and customers. Ultimately, they want to throw out the rule book in favour of simple and clear communication.

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